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        Increase Efficiency and Profits While?Reducing Liability and Call Backs

        Build complete waterproof showers in less than 3 hours with the wedi Barrier Free Shower System.

        the wedi Product Demonstration & Certification Program at Genesee Tile Grand Rapids, MI

        Attend the FREE wedi Shower System Product Demonstration & Certification Class to learn how wedi:

        • ?Is highly customizable
        • ?Is a mold & waterproof system
        • ?Reduces jobsite mess and disruption
        • ?Replaces the mud pan and liner process
        • ?Is ideal for steam rooms
        • ?Is extremely easy to cut and fabricate using basic tools
        • ?Eliminates applications of waterproof roll on or sheet?membranes
        • ?Replaces heavy concrete boards that are not waterproof
        • ?Expedites construction and installation schedules –?complete showers in 2-3 hours
        • ?Is a single source, 30+ year proven, 100% waterproof?shower made in Germany

        Join us for the next wedi Certified Installer Workshop:

        When: Tuesday, February 21st at 4 PM

        Where: Genesee Ceramic Tile, 4025 Broadmoor Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512

        Mingle with the pros in the industry – Free giveaways – Food and refreshments!

        Call Jeff @ 616-254-8714