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        ORIGAMI | Quintessenza

        With its 10.5″x9″ hexagonal shape, the Origami collection celebrates the allure of a three-dimensional surface with grace and elegance. Origami1, Origami2 and Origami3 play with volumes to galvanize surfaces with a geometrical rhythm that brings out the chiaroscuro effect. Origami1 features a relief star motif. Origami2 blends the solid and plain surfaces of the tiles, maximising the composition options, as does Origami3, which offers a relief vector patterned surface in three different versions. Multiple forms conjoined by the plain base tile, designed to transfix while giving free rein to refined creativity and fantasy.

        Stocked in Base Bianco matte 10.5″x9″ and Origami2 Bianco matte 10.5″x9″.


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        White Body Wall Tiles


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        Quintessenza Ceramiche




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        Hexagon 10"


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