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        3Lati | Quintessenza

        This wall tile collection uses the triangle as the base element of a meticulous, infinitely modular style.? The colors create sophisticated graphic patterns, with both powerful contrasts and delicate shifts in tone.? Every hue, in fact, exists in a range of different intensities.? The gloss glaze of the surface and its soft and fluid structure, collects and reflects light and slivers of color.? The surface structure, colors and side lengths can all be combined with the RIQUADRI collection.


        5.2″ x 4.5″

        Thickness: 9mm

        Uses: Wall only, Interior Use only

        Additional colors available by special order request.

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        Glazed White-Bodied Porous Single-Fired Wall Tile

        Shade Variations: Bianco V2, All other colors are V3

        Interior Use Only

        Wall Use Only

        Made in Italy


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        Quintessenza Ceramiche


        New, Stock


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